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The Taxi Stand

My father always tell me we should aim for the best in life. Strive to be in the best schools and give it your best shot. If the stars are aligned, you'll be accepted. If not, at least you will be eligible for the second best options. 

I never really think about this. But this principal discreetly grows on me, for so many aspects in my life. Including love, perhaps?

I always look for someone who excites me. Who is funny. Who is smart. Who is witty and full of confidence. Who is sure about his life and where to go on.  I suddenly realized that all this time, I was looking for giants. 
This never occurred to me until I find myself at the lowest point of my life. When nothing really goes the way I plan. Be it jobs or education, everything seemed to be going south, for only God knows how much longer. 
Adding salt to the wounds, I was just suffered from the latest heartbreak with the giant.

Then I met my friends. For the hundredths time. 

But this time, I felt warmth. From the modest …

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