Jobs vs Boys

Maybe, just maybe, jobs are no different from boys.

You're attracted to bad boys who are so good at keeping the mystery alive. Their indifference and defiance challenge you, as if they were waiting to be tamed.

When you want to quit, they play with your mind. They screw your perspective. You end up questioning yourself.
Were they really that bad? It may as well be that I have not tried hard enough. Preserver enough.
Am I a quitter? Am I a loser? Am I weak at heart?

But bad jobs, just like bad boys, are indeed bad.

They fire up a flame that are burning bright, but still, it burns.
No matter how far you run, no matter how hard you try, how many times you fall and get back to your feet, they stubbornly refuse to turn their back to see you. They are deaf to your plea. Your pain is a non-existence.

For them, you are nothing but a spectacle. To keep them entertained. To make them feel mighty. To make them feel like they matter, more than they actually do.



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