Is Red Velvet Cake Overrated? Or Is It Just Me?

I’ve been tempted to make this gorgeous cake ever since the first time I saw it. The striking dark red color with fluffy white topping make it seems so delicious.
Yesterday I finally made it, but after I bit a bite I have to say I’m not impressed.
Of course it’s pretty. The cake itself is really moist and tender, it almost melts in your mouth. It has a wonderful texture and colour. But it lacks of flavour, it doesn’t play with my taste buds the way I think it should. Not the type that strikes and makes you remember it for the rest of your life. heheh.
I mean, it’s nice but it happens to be an ordinary cake.
Maybe I should try another recipe and give a different topping since I didn’t enjoy the cream cheese frosting much
Cheers! ^^


  1. emang biasa aja. pernah makan bikinan kakak ipar trus pas dia bilang red velvet gw ga ngerti dan abis ngunyah juga biasa aja ah


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