The Perfect Week :)

Well, I am speechless.

This week's been so delightfully wonderful.

First, I got my bachelor degree on Tuesday. What a relieve. Alhamdulillah and thanks to all the people who help me through those hard times. Especially Jurnalsista's thesis prankster: lovely Nyanya, Hesty & Mira who made all the hard things easier. I just don't know what to do without you guys.I LOVE YOU. A thousand times do *smooches*. My lovely family, binatangs, and friends who kept me sane during the process: thank you. Big Grin & hugs. XO.

Second, my best friends also got their bachelor degree. YIPPIE! WE FINALLY MADE IT !! :D Lele would love to congratulate lintah, lalat ijo, macan, bulu babi, bajing, kucing kampung, kecebong for the name extension. hoho. High five for the S.Sos title. Donda says it stands for Sarjana Sosis. (Excellent laughcracker Don! hohoho, and yes we will cheer for you on the 5th of July. Horas!). Viva Animalia!
Congratulations too for my communication fellas :D

Third, I finally made my first tiramisu to celebrate a friend's graduation. say hello to baking after a long while! :) Congratulation to Mishbah the new Bajing's plus one. yippie yippie yay yay! Hope the cake is delish so you can't tell it was my first attempt. ~hohoho~

Fourth, NOVAK DJOKOVIC IS FINALLY BECOMES THE WORLD #1 !!! HOOORAAAYY!! he just won the Wimbledon semifinal. Excellent match vs Tsonga, it even caused me a stomachache as it was so tense. Good luck for the final! :D

So those are the reason why this week is really perfect.

Nb: seems like I'm not that speechless. ha! :D


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