What A Run! And why do all good things come to an end?

Here is the guy that has been my mood booster for the last several months:
Thank you Mr.Djokovic for making up my day! :D

 oooooh... just how cute is he?

Okay, this major Novak Djokovic crush started ever since 2008 when he got his very first Grand Slam title. I mean, "WOW. Who is this Serbian guy who just snap the Australian Open title in the world dominated by Federer and Nadal? he's gotta be something!" And he's been my favorite since then.

This year, he had an impressive winning streak. He's been unbeaten in 41 matches, sadly, until TONIGHT.
He unfortunately got a bitter end to his streak by Federer, the living legend of tennis nowadays.

He got so much at stake tonight--or today at France. If he won, he will be the World #1. Tying McEnroe's 42 winning-streak-to-start-a-season and keeping his record alive to beat Villas' all time record for 46 runs in a year. Phew! What a heavy luggage on your shoulder, boy.

But then again, we saw a dream scattered. In the meanest possible way.

He didn't manage to keep his record alive, nor clinched the top spot, TONIGHT.

You just need to be patient a little longer, dear Nole :). The No.1 spot is definitely within your reach, it's just a matter of time. I believe so. Heads up! And beat them again. I know you have the right ability and mental approach. Yes I read that Sports Illustrated feature. It's awesome!

Until then I'll send my prayer for you :) and hope the fellow media people will do you good.
Keep doing a great job and CHEER UP! :) :)


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